Thursday, March 4, 2010

Morning Light

I have old lady slippers

I am obsessed with the light in my room in the morning time. It's so bright, it wakes me up at 6:30 most days (I still don't have curtains), but it's so lovely, I don't even really mind.

Morning Light

I just want to take pictures of it.


  1. Your room looks lovely. I will help you get/make curtains if you want.

    Sorry -- I haven't made progress on the profile thing. This is Mom.

  2. I want to start sleeping with our shades open so we can wake up to sunlight like this. Gorgeous my dear! XO

  3. Hey, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog :)
    I see you went to college to study small children? Me too! I work with them as well. What did you study exactly?
    Also, thanks for introducing me to Poladroid! I am going to go crazy with that.
    I'll "follow" you if you follow me! :D

  4. Haha...your mom's comment cracked me up!


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