Wednesday, February 10, 2010

On Blizzards.

You guys.

Am I the only one who is terribly disappointed in the blizzard that wasn't?
I know the mid-Atlantic is sick of snow by this point, but we haven't had a single real storm all winter, and I'm feeling a little let down.

See, snow is magical. That feeling you get when you wake up and look outside to see the whole world covered in white, or bonding with your neighbors over the hassle of shoveling the sidewalk, or going inside once you're all done and curling up with hot chocolate and a book: that stuff can only happen when we have a blizzard, and that didn't quite happen around these parts today.

Oh well. Winter's not over for another month, right? We still have time.
Just one little blizzard, please? Come one, Mother Nature. I'll be good, I promise!


  1. We had quite the storm around my parts, they even closed my office, the last time I had a Snow Day I was in highschool!

  2. I know... we in the mitten state were promised over a foot. We got about 10 inches, but I wanted it to DUMP. I shouldn't complain, because I got a snow day, but I love being really, truly snowed in. Having to dig ourselves out makes me feel like a brave pioneering woman, and I like that!

  3. Everyone who reads Abbie's blog should know what a wonderful daughter she is. I had to have the first root canal of my life and I was SCARED. She took the morning off from work and held my foot (we do that in our family) while they did the procedure. Her companionship and the DooWop on my iPhone got me through. Now she just has to show me how to create an profile so I don't ahve to post as "anonymous". She's terrific!

  4. We had a pretty rough storm around these parts. Unfortunately, I'm not looking forward to anymore snow :o(

  5. we have lots of snow here in Slovenia and its pretty cold. recently i ve noticed that people have begun to get tired of the snow and keep wishing for spring.....they have forgot how it felt when it first came....i'd share some of my snow with you if i could, as you would appreciate it to its full potential


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