Saturday, February 13, 2010

My dad eats cheeseburgers with me
I moved back to Boston because more of my favorite people were here than any other city.
One of the best parts is that I get to see my family all the time. Having that support system nearby is so much more valuable than I realized when I moved to California, and I'm so grateful for it now that I'm back.

Burgers with my dad on Thursdays is a pretty nice perk, too.


  1. makes me wish I lived a little closer to my dad.

  2. WHERE is that burger from? Must get one immediately.

  3. mmm, burgers. i should institute something like that. with my dad, it would have to be veggie burgers with dad, or mozzarella and tomato paninis with dad. but it's a nice tradition.

  4. when i moved back to denver the highlight was date night with my papa, love them.

  5. Isn't it funny, I moved to Boston and now I'm homesick at this post. I get to visit home next week, but I have a feeling I won't want to come back.


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