Monday, February 1, 2010

I think I spent at least eighteen of the last forty-eight hours in the kitchen.
Yesterday, mexican pork stew, avocado quesadillas, churros and hot chocolate with Holly and Ben, and roommates filtering in and out. Then, today, the most epic cake project I've ever taken on, a fantastic Caribbean-themed potluck downtown and cake leftovers in the kitchen.

That was a good weekend.

How about you? Good weekend?


  1. my weekend was good, too. although there was not nearly as much good food as yours!

  2. Churros?! I'm dying of envy. No. Really.

  3. mmm i love making food all weekend to stock up because I have ZERO time to cook during the week! Your cake sounds intriguing...

  4. Ohhh that all sounds sooo good. I need to lock myself in my kitchen.


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