Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It's been a while, so let me tell you about my sandwich.

Seriously. This sandwich that I had today could make up for months of not blogging, let alone just over a week.
After trying to reach me for weeks, Kim had finally gotten through to me (sometimes I am very difficult to get on the phone. I'm mysterious like that). We made plans to meet at noon today at South Station, and find some place to grab a quick lunch. Kim suggested that we head towards downtown crossing, and so we did that, only to discover that we both had a hankering for chacareros. (Actually, only I had the hankering. Kim had never had a chacarero before, but she had heard about them and was intrigued. And the only place to buy them in Boston is in downtown crossing.) After a lot of walking in circles, we finally found Chacarero. We waited in line for ten minutes, and then they handed us our bundles of sandwichy goodness on styrofoam plates. And oh, were they good. It was all I could do not to wait in line another ten minutes and get another one. I was so full, though, that probably would have been an unwise decision.
What is a chacarero, you ask? WELL. It starts with a homemade roll, flat like focaccia and about the size of my hand. The bread is sliced in half, then on go thin pieces of chicken that have been grilled, followed by muenster cheese and a generous dollop of thick green hot sauce. The quick-handed sandwich makers place steamed green beans and several slices of juicy tomato on top of this tower of delicousness, and then the top of the bread is slathered with avocado before going on top.
And that is a chacarero. If ever I get ambitious, I might try and make it someday. It would be worth it.

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