Thursday, January 10, 2008

Goodness Gracious

Did you know that the readership of one's blog increases dramatically when one actually updates one's blog? Shocking, I know.
Anyway, aside from my adventures discovering the beauties of excel in business casual, there isn't much of an update on the me front. My life is pretty boring. I go to work, do my job, and come home. This week I'm freakishly grumpy. I've picked approximately thirty fights with Manoli, several with my father (which is impressive since I only saw him for a couple of hours), and have thus far managed to avoid fighting with my mom only because she is good at ducking my bad moods.
This will go away, right? Grumpiness is not some strange side effect of working in an office, is it? I hope not.

Last night for dinner I had something that rivaled the Cacarero: a chili verde burrito from Anna's Taqueria with extra salsa. It was perfect. The pork in the spicy sauce, the rice, the beans, the aMAZing salsa, the guac. Yum. I want another one right now, please.
p.s. OH NO! Wikipedia just told me that in 2004, Anna's violated labor laws! I'm not sure how I feel about this. Labor laws are important.

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