Saturday, September 22, 2007

I have a new favorite t.v. show

How come I haven't read about The Pickup Artist anywhere? How come I had to come upon it the hard way, while channel-surfing one night? WHY, internet, WHY?
From the host, Mystery, to their weird language ("negging," and "kino," and let's not forget how important it is to "bounce"), this show is a brilliant piece of television genius.
I love it.


  1. I'm lookin' for a few decent shows to watch this season. I'll totally be checking that out.

  2. You would have known about it had you watched one of the 8 ANTM marathons on VH1. That's how I found out.

    Have you seen Beauty & The Geek? This show was made for me.

    There's also a new one up and coming with the tagline "They're skinnier than you, they're prettier than you, and they're...smarter-er than you?" and its another show making fun of models. I forget what channel.


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