Sunday, September 9, 2007

Eight Years Ago, I Went a Little Bit Crazy

Eight years ago today, I started high school. (The date was always easy to remember because I started 9th grade on 9/9/99). Now, of course high school is significant for everyone, but my high school was special. As in, it was weird.
Before I had even visited the school, my parents used to joke that it would be a perfect fit for me, because Commonwealth was where the weird kids went. On the first day of eighth grade, I walked into the school to get an application, and I immediately knew that they were right. I needed to go there.
One of the things that made Commonwealth special was that it was hard. Really hard. And we liked to talk about it a lot. Which of course made it more stressful. But it was also tiny, and really nerdy, and yes, most of the students were, in fact, weird. (I was still the weirdest, though. By a fair amount.)
The best part about Commonwealth, however, was the people. At Commonwealth, you formed friendships that were different from the friendships my college friends have with their high school classmates. Most of my best friends (with the exception of friends from the Sororitee, and certain other places) are still the people I went to high school with.

My friends and I sometimes talk, only half-jokingly, about being those crazy people thirty years later who are still obsessed with their high school. If, thirty years from now, we are still obsessed with Commonwealth, it will only be because we realize how lucky we were to go there, and to meet the people we did.


  1. That's funny. I stated high school in 97, and over the past couple months it's been on my mind a lot -- I've suddely been in touch with with all of them via Facebook (or however). It's actually really interesting to see how we've all turned out (based on who we were).

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  3. I think you put that very well. Weird as we all may be, I think we were so lucky. And still are. Commonwealth is a life changer.


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