Monday, July 23, 2007

"When I think of Exhaust Systems, I think of DEATH."

I have a week off. I decided to spend it taking driver's ed.
I hate driver's ed, but I must say that it makes for some interesting people watching. Not since I myself was sixteen have I been surrounded by so many sixteen-year-olds, and with them all the cliches of high school.
We have the socially incompetent nerd who interrupts the instructer to point out flaws in his teaching and who can't help but brag about his intellectual prowess. ("Excuse me, but, actually, most of the things in that video are now illegal in the state of Massachusetts." "That's not true." "Yes it is." "Beeping your horn to warn kids who are playing in the street that you are coming is not illegal." "Fine.") (Also: "I know a lot of people (including myself) got 40s on the test, but did anyone get a perfect score of 41?")
We have the short kid who makes up for his lack of height by being too cool for school and wearing his plaid puma baseball cap perfectly tilted and sideways.
We have the cool girl who is all like, Oh My God, why do I have to do this it's a waste of my time! I could be like, hanging out at the mall or something!
We have the punk from the suburbs. She wears those really tight punk jeans and angry sweatshirts and has a nose ring.
And lastly, we have the delinquent 22-year-old who couldn't be bothered to graduate when everyone else was doing it, so now she's stuck in driver's ed with a bunch of people who weren't even born in the same decade she was, proving to them what can become of you if you don't get your license when you're supposed to: you become that lame-ass 22-year-old taking driver's ed with a bunch of high school kids.
That would be me.

P.S. My driver's ed instructor actually said that about Exhaust Systems and DEATH, and then provided us with several stories of local people who died of carbon monoxide poisoning and They Lived Nearby so clearly if you are not careful IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU TOO. And it probably will. I forgot how morbid driver's ed is.


  1. Hilarious post. Did the instructor tell you those people also used hoses with their exhaust systems? Just curious.


  2. That brings back the memories.

    My driver ed instructor, I remember, used me to run all his errands. We would drive to pick up laundry, stop by his house so he could grab lunch, and then go pick up his girlfriend.

    He could see that I could drive, so he was pretty cool about it - "Ten o'clock and two o'clock is really more of an option. One wrist over on the top of the wheel is okay."

    It's a wonder when I think of drivers ed, I don't think of death...

  3. Mike-
    Thanks! No, our driver's ed instructor is all about how DEATH is just sitting around the corner, waiting to leap apon you when you least expect it. Hoses would ruin it.
    L.A. Daddy-
    I wish I had your driver's ed instructor. Although learning all about DEATH is kind of fun, too.

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