Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lessons I've learned from Ben

Ben is my driver's ed instructor. His name is short for Benton, which I think is kind of cool. Anyway, he has taught me lots of valuable lessons this past week, including:
-"You must always watch out for pebbles on the road, because you never know when one might fly up and go through your windshield and into your mouth. And that would be bad for your health."
-There are Hidden Hazards on the road. Lots of them. Like Moose. And just because we live in the city doesn't mean we won't run into a moose. And if we do, WE WILL DIE.
-"These drugs [like vicodin] can stay in your system for a long time, and then they can mix with other drugs and BLOW YOUR BRAIN."
-Road Rage is a scary monster. If you are not careful, one day you'll be driving home from work and all of a sudden a nice Baptist Deacon will get out of his car and shoot you with a crossbow. And then YOU WILL DIE. Actually, Ben didn't teach us that. The Road Rage video he showed us did. It was very informative.
-"You must be vewy caweful when you dwive, because if you awe not, you will get into a collision. And that could ruin your life." And then YOU WILL DIE.
Also, he taught me that if you wear the same shirt for four days in a row, sixteen-year-old boys will notice. And so will 22-year-old girls.

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