Friday, July 6, 2007

A Fourth of July Recap

What's the Fourth of July without patriotic jello shots?
Actually, my friends' and my celebration was actually more about the meat: we had burgers, fancy-pants chicken (Ben marinated it in fancy-pants homemade marinade) AND ribs. With doctored-up store-bought barbecue sauce. It was delicious.
Mostly, though, we just hung out, slept a lot, and watched Die Hard With A Vengeance. And then slept some more. And then barbecued the meat.
All in all, a lovely day. And a perfect prelude to a day-long trip to the USS Constitution with 24 5- to 8-year-olds. Which I may write about in a later post, if I ever recover enough to look back on it with perspective.

p.s. Which is worse, having "I'm Not Perfect" by Laurie Berkner stuck in my head, or having "The Princess Pat" in there? Right now, I'm thinking the old camp favorite is far far worse.


  1. Do you also think it's ironic that your patriotic jello shots were made of "Svedka"?

    I mean...

  2. It is ironic.
    But it was not super expensive, and it was decent. It is patriotic to like cheap liquor.
    How was Germany?

  3. I'm being very patriotic, then.

    Germany is rather monotonous. The work never ends (but my day does, yay!), and it would be tons better if you were here to hang out.

    Oh oh oh, but I am going to Prague this weekend to meet up with MLiz and her sister! :)

  4. I thought you'd like this song. It's called "Stroller Town" :-)


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