Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I am uninspired

I had a craving for lemon cake today. So I got some at Starbucks. It was delicious. Or, mostly delicious. But it wasn't enough to staisfy my craving. I needed more. So I got some at Au Bon Pain on my way home. What I really needed to do was make the lemon yogurt cake from Orangette (I can't figure out how to link on a Mac, but it's But I couldn't. Because I just couldn't. Because we had guests and I had spent the day thinking about encopresis. (Google it. Just do it. And then you'll understand how weird I am, that I willingly think about this sort of thing on a regular basis). So instead, I tried to make eggs for dinner. It didn't work out:

You can see it there in the trash can. It was bad.

Clearly, I was having a bad food day. This needed to be remedied. I brought out the big guns. First, I got the huge hunk of chocolate in a trash bag.

And then I got some delicious milk.

I took a bite of a), then drank some b). And then I repeated. And then I repeated again.
Really, I should just go to bed.

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