Thursday, June 21, 2007

Children, or, Here is Where My Friends Stop Reading My Blog

Have you ever watched a child try to play catch with a doll?
My Favorite Child In The Whole World (who will for hereafter be called The Girl, because her old pseudonym's
just too long) got a doll yesterday. The doll's name is Sophie. We love Sophie very very much, and that is fantastic. She is Sophie's Mommy, and I am Sophie's nanny (while also being her nanny. It's an interesting arrangement). We feed Sophie and put her down for naps and take her with us when we go on adventures. This is especially exciting because we are engaging in symbolic play with Sophie, and that's something kids on the Autism Spectrum often have trouble with.
Today, while we were looking for fish in the Public Garden (a quest that was utterly pointless, but so much fun it didn't matter), The Girl fell into the duckling pond. With Sophie. As soon as I pulled her out, she screamed "I don't want to go in the washing machine!"
She doesn't have to, but Sophie might. This could be a problem.


  1. This is Alexandria, yes? Do I have the name right? I can't remember! ACCCKKK!

    Hi Sophie's nanny!

  2. That's awesome, the symbolic play.
    Wash it when she's sleeping.

  3. Hi Sinny!
    Her mom ended up putting Sophie into the washing machine. We retrieved her from it. Until she got very angry at Sophie and threw her back in there "forever and ever."
    I think it's good that five year olds can't be parents.


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