Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sometimes We Have Sock Adventures (Or, I Don't Want to Make My Powerpoint Presentation)

Sometimes your friend Emily sends you socks in the mail, only they are very tiny:

So you and other members of the sororitee who also live on the third floor need to have a sock-growing adventure:

(You also need to wear special headgear for your sock-growing adventure, if you're me.)
And then you grow the socks:

And they make bubbles:

And then they need room to grow, so you put them in the sink:

And then you love your blog SO MUCH, you put the socks on your feet to illustrate their sockiness, even though they are very wet:

And then your feet are wet, too:

And then you realize that you just put two pictures of your ginormous monster feet on your blog and you go write your presentation in shame.


  1. Ahh, see you mentioned the wetness of the socks in the blog but not in the facebook album.
    Also, you don't have ginormous monster feet. Maybe they would look large if you put them up next to Ali's feet, but you're not, so it's fine. And here, by themselves, they look lovely and femenine and sexy (for feet, that is -- because I don't have a foot fetish).

  2. Wow....so many things I never knew about my floor...


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