Thursday, May 9, 2013

First Burger


Over the weekend, Chris and Elizabeth came over to celebrate the lovely weather with a little barbecue.


I like to start grilling as soon as the temperature hits fifty degrees, but there is something about the first burger of the season that really reminds me that Summer is on its way. Especially if you eat it on your porch with friends who appreciate these things as much as you do.


Spring is pretty lovely this year, which makes me even more excited for Summer. I anticipate plenty of burgers on the porch with my buddies.


  1. Duuude, this looks amazing! Mike and I had burgers last night, but alas, they were from the George Foreman because we are grill-less! Is it sad that I'm most looking forward to camping because of the fire-grilled food??

  2. That burger looks delicious! ... and that's coming from someone who doesn't eat meat.



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