Friday, May 31, 2013

Convalescing in Cambridge

Over the weekend, I came down with the flu. While it was a less-than-pleasant way to spend  Memorial Day, I did get to convalesce at my mom's house, which proved remarkably restorative.

In general, I'm a real grownup who can take care of herself when she's sick.  After a day where I couldn't get up from the couch, though, all I wanted was for my mommy to feed me crackers and pat my head. When she offered to do more or less just that, I realized how lucky I am to live close to home and whimpered "yes, please." I just sleep better at home, you know?


Tuesday, the back porch became my office and I got to send emails and fiddle with documents while looking at the garden. It was lovely.


This weekend, I'm heading up to Vermont to (maybe) run a half marathon and generally spend some time in the woods. If I'm lucky, a swimming hole may be involved. How about you? Anything good planned?


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  2. The other upside? You got to use the word convalesce. For whatever reason, I love that word.

  3. That sounds lovely! We're heading to Western Mass on Saturday for a dip in Mike's parents' pool and back on Sunday for a yard sale. Send anyone over to East Cambridge if they want to buy some cool wares :)

  4. Oh dear...hope you are feeling lots better!

    We'll be spending this weekend poolside with a friend. Looking forward to escaping this heat!

  5. I love how even when feeling sick, being outside can make you feel SO much better. I hope you're over the worst part of the flu - good luck with the running or swimming. My intent for this weekend was to get a run in, but my laziness is currently driving :/


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