Monday, July 23, 2012

Oysters with Cait

Recently I have been forced to accept the fact that one of my dearest Boston and Dartmouth friends, Cait, is leaving our city to go to graduate school in Denver.

That means that before she leaves, we have to have as many adventures as possible. A couple of saturdays ago, we met up after work for a trip to Mare in the North End for oysters. It was the perfect summer afternoon- white wine, briny oysters, and one of my favorite people.



It's Boston. The baseball is a given.

Raw Bar



She hasn't left yet, and I miss her already.


  1. just discovered your blog and I love it!
    I'm your newest follower - hope you can check mine out as well : )

  2. Thank you for not posting one of my slurping an oyster. I adore you. Come to CO.


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