Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Book Club and Barbecue

Last week when it was 95 degrees outside, we had a meeting of our book club.


It didn't really matter that I was the only one to actually finish the book- we are strict followers of Annie's book club suggestions, and as such, we discussed it for just a little while. Book club is mostly an excuse to get together, anyway.
95 degrees is too hot do really do anything besides a) swim or b) barbecue. I don't have a pool, so we went with b). It was really delicious.


Cherry Season



  1. such an enticing burger shot, that plate at the end, waiting to be loaded up.

  2. What a perfect meal! Yum. And welcome back to blogland. :)

  3. this looks divine! and i've been meaning to read that book for eons! i'm from florida, so naturally people think i should read it, haha. did you like it? and thanks for stopping by my blog! always nice to see other boston bloggers :)

  4. Did you all end up liking the book? I'm a big big fan of book clubs

  5. I love seeing posts about book clubs... Our own is going through a bit of a transition right now (lots of friends moving away), but there's still something about sitting around and eating good food and talking about good books that just makes me happy. I'm glad I've got kindred spirits in the blogosphere who feel the same way. :)


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