Sunday, July 25, 2010

I always forget how restorative a beach vacation can be until I'm on one.

Lately I've been working working working, and I've been exhausted all the time. But one of the grad students in the lab got married in Cape May yesterday, so my boss (who happens to be Emily's mom), and Emily and I took a three day weekend to attend.

The wedding was beautiful, even though it was 96 degrees. It was in the teeny tiniest little chapel right on the ocean, and then the reception was in the lounge of the ferry terminal, and it had the most gorgeous views of the bay and of ships coming and going.

Our hotel is also right on the ocean in downtown Cape May, and it's perfect. We can walk across the beach to jump in the waves for a little while, and then when we're ready, we just grab our towels and walk right back for a dip in the pool. Right now, we're sitting on the patio, waiting out a thunderstorm and watching the massive waves crash on the beach. It's pretty much perfect. I hope all your summers are going just as well.


  1. It sounds absolutely marvellous! Enjoy every second of your beach holiday...

  2. oh what i wouldn't give to be in cape may right now!! enjoy!

  3. Sounds fantastic!! Hope you have the loveliest time!

  4. Oh man, I've always wanted to go there. It's a birders paradise! (and I bet it's pretty nice otherwise too)

  5. It looks gorgeous! Aside from the heat, it sounds like it was a splendid wedding.


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