Monday, January 19, 2009


This weekend has been lovely. Today, I went to Half Moon Bay with Sinny and Gemma, and we walked along the beach and dipped our toesies in the water. It's really quite strange to live someplace this warm.
The fact that California is so warm ALSO means that the farmer's markets never shut down. THAT is just downright incomprehensible to me. The farmers are apparently able to keep growing things all year round. I just can't handle it; in New England, the ground is frozen right now. You'd need a pickaxe to dig in the soil, let alone plant in it. Here, however, there are no such problems. Which meant that yesterday, for a fun adventure, I was able to buy my vegetable from local farmers at the Ferry Plaza farmer's market.
While the very notion of the Ferry Plaza farmer's market, with its ridiculously overpriced produce and yuppy-cum-touristy clientele, kind of bothers me to my very core, I've also been meaning to go for a while, just because it is such a San Francisco institution, and I also kind of secretly love such pretentious things as an overpriced farmer's market. (Wow. I just reread that sentence, and boy oh boy was it long. Sorry 'bout that.) Anyway, I went, I met up with Sinny, we had lunch, I bought some veggies, I felt like I was doing my part for the environment. All was well. Until this evening, when I went to make a salad and discovered that the farmer's market also believes in giving people free pets with their produce:


  1. Hello, Abbie, yes. Hello. It is me, Jenna. And I must say, if I were a fan of escargot, I would be in 7th heaven here in Spain, for it seems not only organic growers but also mega-superstore grocery people delight in leaving snail presents on all their produce. To the extent that I now have a designated snail spoon to scoop off the little creatures. I was excited to see you've shared my plight!

  2. Ew!
    That's so gross!
    How's Spain?


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