Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Stop the Presses

Tonight, I went out to dinner.
I had a beer.
And I liked it.
We went to Charlie's Beer Garden, see, and so it seemed like the only acceptable thing to do, to order a beer to go with my pulled pork. In fact, given that it was a BEER GARDEN, I wasn't even sure that they had delicious girly drinks.
So I ordered a Blue Moon. It came with a slice of lemon (EVEN THOUGH THE WEBSITE SAYS YOU SHOULD SERVE BLUE MOON BELGIAN WHITE WITH A SLICE OF ORANGE), and it was good.
It was definitely made better, of course, by the fact that everything tastes better outside.
Except girly drinks in a beer garden. We witnessed a couple, a man and a woman, both drinking cosmos in said beer garden, and we promptly judged them and decided that the shame of drinking a pink beverage in someplace as manly and tough as a beer garden would make everything taste awful. Even a delicious girly drink.

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