Sunday, February 3, 2008

Goodness Gracious

I saw The Girl yesterday, for the first time in almost six months. In April, she'll be six, and goodness gracious, has she grown up!
The entire time we were together, she was talking away, alternately wanting to ice skate ALL BY MYSELF and wanting both Mommy and Abbie to hold her hands. When we went out to lunch, she declared that she wanted "hot chocolate, and how about some . . . ICE CREAM!" While this may seem like normal five-year-old behavior, have I ever told you guys how hard we had to work to get The Girl to like vanilla ice cream? Have you ever sat with a four-year-old, saying "just take one bite of this ice cream, and then we'll be all done"? Because, let me tell you, I have. And it feels weird.
It was wonderful to see her. I already miss her again.

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