Saturday, November 3, 2007

So Many Adventures!

I had about three hundred adventures today, including buying makeup, eating at McDonald's, and losing my mom in a movie theater. I could tell you all about any of those things, but instead I will wine.
Instead of NaBloPoMo, for me, this should really be NaBloWhiMo.
Get it? National Blog WHINING Month?
Hahahahaha! I am SO FUNNY!
All I'm whining about today, though, is how I want a new camera. The LCD screen on my old one died, and it is old and slow, and now I want the Canon SD1000, because it is pretty. And relatively inexpensive.
That's all.
(I found my mom, by the way.)

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  1. Keep "whining" - you may be lucky and have your mum buy it for you....

    I came over via the 'Randomizer and on what I call the 'nana-nono'
    which I am entering into ....

    Keep blogging.


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