Tuesday, October 8, 2013

California, part 3: Big Sur









You guys. Big Sur. I can't even.
I flew in to California on Thursday. The Tuesday before that, I convince Sinny to drive up from LA. Neither of us had ever been to Big Sur, so we decided to drive down Highway 1 for a little camping trip.
Except that there was nothing little about Big Sur. It took my breath away. (Kind of literally- we went on some STEEP hikes.) Every time we made a turn on the highway, we'd see another stunning view of the ocean and the cliffs. When we were hiking, we'd be in the middle of the woods one second, and then all of a sudden, we'd turn a corner and the whole Pacific ocean would be laid out before us. It was just so BIG. I love New England more than anything, but things just don't exist on that kind of scale in this part of the country. The cliffs, the mountains, the ocean- this is the kind of place that the word majestic was invented to describe.


  1. Beautiful! I know what you mean. When we went to Hawaii in August, I was in awe of how big the world felt. It's so nice to get away sometimes to remember that. I love that little waterfall in that last picture!!

  2. Amazing! I love the hiking picture of you, you look radiant and beautiful!

  3. These photos are breathtaking! If I ever make it out to California again, I want to hike Big Sur. Gosh, I just love that rocky coast. Beautiful!

  4. Love the picture of the waterfall, one of my favorite places!

    what a great trip :)

  5. i have had big sur on my ' to see ' list forever -- gorgeous pictures.

  6. Big Sur has been on my list of must visit places for awhile, but after looking at your photos I moved it to the top of the list!


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