Monday, August 12, 2013

Lakes and Oceans

Anna recently wrote about how you are either a lake person or a beach person, and while I lean in the direction of ocean, I have a foot pretty solidly in each camp. Last weekend, Elizabeth and I decided to confirm that hypothesis.



We started the day at Devereux Beach. We loaded up on rasberry-lime rickeys, fish sandwiches, and blueberries, and mostly succeeded in dissuading the seagulls from eating our lunch. We read books and got sunburns and I jumped in the waves.





In the late afternoon, we traded ocean for lake. Chris joined us and we grilled steak and bread and corn and drank pink wine and ate the first tomatoes of the season. We jumped off the high platform and slid down the slide and watched the sun set.

I'm still not ready to make a commitment to one or the other, but any opportunity to spend a day in both salt and freshwater is a perfect day in my book.


  1. Um hello! Perfect day!
    I saw your insta at Devereux Beach and thought...hmm where is that beach? It looked so pretty. I never know what beach to go to from Boston--so many options!
    Where'd you get fish sandwiches?

    1. Devereux is in Marblehead, and it's my most favoritest of all of the sort of nearby beaches. It's really lovely, and though you do have to pay for parking ($10 on weekends), they have clean bathrooms and a playground and a snack shack that sells really good fish sandwiches.

      If you're in the mood for a walk, you can walk along Marblehead neck, where you can marvel at the fancy houses and pretend you have those ocean views from your living room.

  2. i'm the same way. i feel like i have to commit, be either or. but i can't! i guess if i haaaaaaad to pick one for the rest of time it might be lake?

    this looks like a good day.

  3. Oh how does one choose between the lake and the beach?? They are each so different and wonderful in their own rights.


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