Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Things that are good after a week like last:

french fries at Mead Hall


Trees in bloom at MIT

Back Porch Picnic

a breakfast picnic on the back porch


photography lessons and time in nature

Slowly but surely, life is returning back to almost-normal, though as I mentioned on instagram, I walk by the memorial to Officer Collier most days and am reminded that that's definitely not the case for everyone. For those of us who are lucky enough to get to keep going, though, it's nice to have life quiet down a little.


  1. Well said. I hope the sun comes out for his memorial today.

    Those fries look amazing; I should get back to Mead Hall one of these days. I'm also officially adding back porch picnic to my list of things to do when the weather turns nice again.

    Where are you taking photography lessons?

  2. So good. Gla you are well, Abbie! And glad our city is coming back!

  3. Those french fries look spectacular! Thank you for sharing, I'm putting that place on my must-try-soon list.


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