Friday, January 13, 2012

Have you guys seen this video?

I love it.

In a perfect world (and about 60% of the time), this is how I cook. The music is never quite so on-tune with the activities, though, and everything I do is a little more harried. I think what i like about it is how much care, how much love, she is putting into preparing all of those vegetables, and yet, it's so easy. Meditative, almost.

That's how I'd like my cooking to be: relaxed, meditative, and full of care.
I'm getting there.


  1. Will you teach me how to do something worthwhile with beets? They have always eluded me.

  2. my cooking is only (and always) relaxed and meditative when my children and 12 year old lab aren't underfoot! and i love them all "the most" as my three year old likes to say but my cooking, though still full of care, is harried and disengaged. cooking for me is like yoga. yoga with my children and the dog around wouldn't restorative either!

    thanks for sharing the video!

    and to dylan (the commenter above) here's a good use of beets--


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