Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I keep meaning to blog, but then I get busy. Doing crazy shit. Like running up a mountain, down a mountain, and then five more miles.

AR 1

Swearing in my blog, apparently.

EA 2

Doing these crazy athletic events with my roommates. (Tonight, one roomie, one former roomie, one upstairs neighbor and I ran a 5k "fun run" with the Somerville Road Runners. I got a little competitive. I beat my normal fastest pace by about a minute per mile. It was pretty fun.)



Getting Fancy with the fam for Easter. (Notice the lack of Dad. He was there, but he left before the picture-taking occurred. Which was too bad, since he was pretty fancy too.)

I said I was getting in the groove of this "working during work hours," but apparently I lied. I'm still working on it, though- there are plenty of hours in the day, I just need to figure out how best to use them, and how to fit blogging in. I've been doing a lot of living, not so much blogging, but I miss the process of recording my life, of contributing to the blogging community in some small way. I'll figure it out soon, I think, I'll work out this balance thing I hear so much about, and then my blog won't be so empty.

Until then, Happy Spring, Friends!


  1. FABULOUS dress. The healthy part of my brain applauds living over blogging, but the rest of it misses you and is glad you are back :)

  2. You're doing so much! You should be proud. Don't worry about this here blog - the point of life is to live it which is what you're doing! Hooray!

  3. so glad you're back!

    and such crazy, fun adventures!

  4. living >>>> blogging. *But you've been missed*

  5. awesome job with the running! and I am also trying to re-gain a "balance". sometimes i forget i still have a blog haha!

  6. crazy shit indeed! 5k's are hard enough to me, but to throw in a mountain? whew! you go girl {oh, yeah, i just said that}!

  7. definitely impressed with your mad running skills... i'm on temporary hiatus until i get my stitches out (boo!), but then i'll be back on the wagon (though i don't think i enjoy it as much as you do, lol!).

  8. You look GREAT!! Keep on running so, so, so, inspiring!! XO.


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