Monday, October 11, 2010

Two things, before I go on the yearly family Columbus day outing to pick out a pumpkin and eat a caramel apple:

1. I saw The Town last night. I liked it, I think, though I am really curious: how have I not heard about all those violent bank robberies in Boston? (Also, how a Cambridge kid, one with a hippy Cambridge mother not unlike mine, manages to convince the world that he's a townie from Southie, or Charlestown, or wherever Ben Affleck is pretending to be from these days.)

2. Social change through pie? I think yes.
(Not to mention, an interesting and honest look at the trials associated with running a nonprofit as an outsider.)


  1. I have seen the trailer for The Town and have been really looking forward to seeing this movie.

  2. Love it. This post totally made me giggle.

    Happy pumpkin picking and caramel apple nibbling!


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