Friday, October 10, 2008

Fleet Week. And, Bunnies.

Me: This weekend is Fleet Week!
Roommate: And I'm not going to be around! So you have the entire apartment to yourself! And sailors!
Me: You have made my life SO MUCH BETTER!
Roommate: Or more riddled with disease.

In other news, bunnies:

Untitled from Abbiebabble on Vimeo.


  1. but let's be honest here, m'dear. How many of these sailor boys are 1) not into other boys or 2) not married at a young age, already?

    And then you can have the rest, right?

  2. Agree with Sinny. But also, can I just say how much I HEART the bunny commentary. Maybe that's just because there has been such an apparent lack of Abbie in my life.
    -Ohio wants more Abbie


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