Friday, August 24, 2007

Emily Wants a New Post

But I don't have anything clever to write about. And I am lazy. So here are some interesting tidbits about my life:
1. A couple of weeks ago, I had a dream that I went to this person's new house for a party. I was not invited to this party, nor have I ever met this person in my life. Best of all, I wasn't just planning on going to the party, but also on staying at her house for a couple of days. When I got there, she treated me like I was crazy and I realized that I was crazy and I was very embarrassed. I still feel kind of embarrassed every time I read her blog. Which makes me crazy, I think. You know, for feeling like someone is judging me for something I did in a dream?
2. We went to the Children's Museum the other day. It was kind of cool. They had weird toilets, that will totally get their own post.
3. Today in the bathroom of the Border Cafe in Harvard Square, Emily and I were waiting in line when a lady came in and started up an impromptu dance party. We joined in. In the bathroom of Border Cafe. At least there was music.
And now I shall go to bed. Better posts are forthcoming. I promise.

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