Sunday, February 25, 2007

It's been a while

Dear Readership of Two (or is it even that much now?),
I'm sorry I haven't posted recently. I've been busy doing other things like being in a play and getting drunk and saying inappropriate things to the wrong people.
So let me update you on my life:
The Play: I was in (Wed)locked, a night of three one-acts, including A Marriage Proposal, The Wedding, and Split, by Anton Chekhov, Anton Chekhov and Michael Weller. I had an absolutely minuscule part- I played the bride in The Wedding, and I had two lines. A couple of days before we went up, I got another little part in Split, doing these little dialogues between scenes. The parts were small, but I got a couple of laughs, and that made them fun and worthwhile. I'm still learning how to do this acting thing, and most of the time I'm not very good. It's nice when people laugh when I do something funny.
The Cast Party: I had fun. I also said things I shouldn't have said about other people, and now I feel kind of terrible. You know that feeling where you don't know just how much a mess you've made of things, but you know it wasn't good? The feeling where you just want to make everything better but you can't because you are the one who messed up, and anyway, you don't know the people very well? The feeling where you kind of want to curl up in a ball of shame and never come out? Yeah, that's where I was yesterday. I need to learn to hold my tongue.
And Other Stuff: I have a shit-ton of homework. Right now I'm in the library, writing in here instead of doing research on the various tests for autism and autism spectrum disorders in toddlers. So I'm gonna go back to my article. In fifteen minutes, I'm going to go watch a play that I was supposed to be in, but I quit because I suck at life and responsibility.
Happy Sunday, everyone.

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  1. I read your blog, Abbie! I am part of your readership! I'm so glad you posted more. Even if it is, as usual, just things I already know. That's OK. I enjoy seeing them in fancy written blog-form.


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